Apr 18


Mo’ Doodlechat! Got some Alt Princesses - Samus as a Plumber, Peach as a Plumber, and Samus ready for battle - and then some extra doodles. Some dumb Mario stuffs, a Goblin named Bob, and Green Lantern Rule 63’d.

Reblogging especially for that horrendous Power Suit pun

Apr 16


valerie and valerie (roughly 10 years apart)

something definitely happened to her down the line

Pretty rad, I like their outfits.


Some sketches I drew for people on the inside of my convention sketch books.

Scarlet Witch, Juggernaut, Ice Queen, Vegeta, and Shredder.

respiteadventures asked: Top 5 DBZ characters?

I’ll try to limit these to their Dragonball Z incarnations, as Dragonball was a completely different beast.


5. Adult Gohan - Get a load of this huge nerd.  definitely deserves a spot here as he went from most irritating kid character to lovable dork over the course of the series.


4. Frieza - What a dick.  What a dick.  Frieza had some amazing build up as a villain, a cool final form design (his first couple of transformations were nothing to write home about in my opinion), and a bizarre and colorful army of minions under his control.  Part of the “Planet Trade” organization, I love that he’s apparently based off japanese real estate speculators who Toriyama called “the worst sort of people.”  Honestly I think Little Kuriboh really nailed the voice for Frieza, he had just the perfect level of arrogance in his voice.


3. Krillin - I think it is impossible to hate Krillin.  In DBZ he’s a lot less antagonistic towards Goku, yet still has the whole “scardey cat who steps up” deal that makes his character appealing.  There’s very little I can say that hasn’t already been said of Krillin, but I found him hilarious as a kid and would always root for him.


2. Majin Buu (Fat) - There is something I sort of love about the fact that DBZ bookends with a villain that looks like they were directly pulled from Dragonball.  Buu has this great duality about him.  On the outward appearance he looks silly, acts like a goofball, and is exceedingly simple and childlike.  However, he is also incredibly cruel and powerful, able to do whatever he wants when he wants.  The fact that he’s “defeated” by Hercule/Mr. Satan was so refreshing to me as well.  Ultimately, Fat Buu is more appealing to me than his later incarnations because of the weird mixture of silliness and evilness. 


1. Piccolo - Easily far and away my favorite character of the series.  While a former Dragonball villain, Piccolo still got loads of cool attacks in Z from the Special Beam Cannon to the Hellzone Grenade.  He was rockin’ a cape and could regenerate, which is a super-useful ability in the dbz universe.  While Vegeta also did the Heel-face turn, he tended to be more hot-headed while Piccolo would sit back and plan things out.  Not to mention he was still playing the straight-man to much of the humor that was still present in DBZ, which I can definitely appreciate.

Wasted Potential Tier:

  • Garlic Jr. - I always found the idea of the Guardian Of Earth position and history behind it interesting.  Garlic Jr. really only exists in the realm of movies and filler, but that also meant that the side characters of DBZ got a chance to shine during his arcs as well.  I would have loved to see more of him and the Guardian Of Earth lore built on.
  • Android 18 - I bet you’re surprised she isn’t on the list!  She’d easily be higher if she had gotten some more character development.  As it is, she came too late in the game when there were already so many characters that not enough time was given to develop her, I feel.  Still, I get the feeling she would have been a favorite of mine much like Piccolo, as she was a great straight character for much of the sillier ones like Krillin, Goten, Trunks, and Gohan.


Just look at those two grumpy babies.  So precious.

Anyways, that’s all I got!  Sorry if I killed your dash with too many gifs!

Apr 15

Anonymous asked: but wait arnt you the boss of you

Yes, we call that unemployment SELF-EMPLOYMENT.


Apr 14
Anon: “It’s like Mad Max but with boobs.”
Me: “Fucking.  Sold.”

Anon: “It’s like Mad Max but with boobs.”

Me: “Fucking.  Sold.”


Anonymous asked: Busty Vriska or busty Terezi? Choosing both of them is not an option. >:P

Oh, that’s a bit of a tough one.  Both Vriska and Terezi appeal to me for different reasons.  If I can only choose one, I think I’d have to go with Busty Vriska though.  After all, apparently I made it canon.  For some reason, I feel drawn to the subject…


Apr 13

"Mindwipe, how do you warm up for drawing?" "Why, I draw absurdly large breasts on Vriska, of course."

Happy 413!

Just a quick busty Vriska bust for 413.

Just a quick busty Vriska bust for 413.

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